My Redemption Songs

by Chad Harrington

I’m excited to finally release the site! David Story has been working on this way harder than I deserve, and it’s been a joy to journey with him to see it finished. He’s done an amazing job building it, making into reality what was once a dream. Really, this website is a massive art project, an invitation to see beauty from brokenness.

For a long time I tried to deny the Broken–that we were broken, that I am broken. But it’s true.

I am, and you are.

We are broken.

The story doesn’t end there, though–that’s only the beginning.

I chose the words, “beauty from brokenness,” because they’re simple and clear (and alliterated!). My hope is to share stories of beauty from brokenness here. I focus more on physical examples, without neglecting the invisible aspects of those redemption songs. My aim is that these stories, communicated through various art styles, will enliven your soul to see Beauty all around you.

I chose the written, visual, and spoken arts simply because they most easily communicate in website format, and because they’re fun for me. I’d much rather share in person, but this will do for now. The written arts are my bread and butter. The visual arts are my weak point, so please forgive any weak pictures or low quality videos that I make (also, please affirm true visual artists that will grace this site). The spoken arts are my wheelhouse; I’m learning them and having fun.

Here’s the first experiment I did with RedemptionArt. The experience was magical, and when it happened to me, I got a taste for what was to come with RedemptionArts. I wrote the words and on my first take, the music and words lined up perfectly. Here’s raw redemption from my first try about two years ago:

“RedemptionArt: Origins”

The RedemptionArts blog is for you and for me and for God–that we might all enjoy the beauty that comes from brokenness. Sing with me this redemption song, because it’s all we’ll ever have.

Photo: by Chad Harrington just outside of Freetown, Sierra Leone.