Why does RedemptionArts receive contributions?

Because not every artist wants to starve. Feed the obsession, and feel free to joyfully give to the following projects.

Project #1: Back to Africa. $750.

This is a feature-length audio documentary that is 90 percent complete. Current funds: $250. The remaining costs of $500 will cover things like production and promotional expenses. Contribute below. You can listen to a sample here:


Project #2: Back 2 Africa: For Kids. $2,250.00.

This is a children’s book version of the audio documentary. Current funds: $0. Contribute below.

Other Projects: For information on other projects email contact@redemptionarts.org.

How does it work?

Send an email to contact@redemptionarts.org subject line “Donation” to initiate the process. Once you reach out, RedemptionArts will complete the process with you and give you a big thanks!

Will I see the finished project before it’s finished?


Will I hear from RedemptionArts personally?



Send an email to contact@redemptionarts.org subject line “Donation” to initiate the process.